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Snowboarding Canada

Like skiing, the best snowboarding requires the best safety equipment and we can help you choose it. Snowboarding helmets not only protect you during accidents, but they are warm and light. There are many styles to help you look cool on the slopes to. Wrist protectors are also a good idea. Check out the latest in snowboard goggles on our site.

Snowboard boots are quite different from ski boots, but like ski boots, are available in a variety of styles and brands. Many come as part of a matched set with the bindings while others may be unique to the rider themselves. Like all equipment, proper fit will ensure a safe day's ride as well as the warmth and comfort offered by the latest fabrics.

Last, but certainly not least is snowboard clothing which has been setting trends on the mountains for years now. Jackets and pants are loose fitting to allow for the extreme movements of snowboarding, while gloves offer warmth as well as the dexterity necessary to manipulate the bindings. We offer reviews of all the latest styles and brands.